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My association with Bokkapatna School paved the way for my public speaking skills. Even after leaving the school for higher studies, I was active in the school as the President of the Alumni Association. I used to take lead in each and every event organised by the association. I used to make welcome speech and speeches on behalf of the audience as well as the customary vote of thanks. This helped me a great deal in future.

The alumni association used to organise various activities. During the Annual day functions, I would get the lead role. People used to appreciate my acting skills. Once, a state-level drama competition was organized by our school. I was in charge of the entire event. One day, we were rehearsing for the drama. A girl by name Latha living in Barke area of Mannagudde came along with her mother and sought a role for her in the drama. She was being trained in dance by Vittal Master of Pandeshwara. In those days since boys used to play the roles of women characters, I informed that there was no role for her. Later, I came to know that she went to Madras (Chennai) seeking a career in acting. She was none other than 'Minugu Taare'(sparkling star') Kalpana, who made it big in Kannada film industry as a heroine.

Troupes of actors Kalyan Kumar and Uday Kumar had also participated in the drama competition. I had given a few acting tips to them in those days.

In our troupe, there was an actor called Indu Shekhar. He was really very talented. Another one was Achyuth. Both of them were famous for playing women's roles. Not only did they look like women, but their acting was so real and natural, especially in romantic scenes that nobody could make out that they are boys. Achyuth had become famous in Mumbai also.

Indu Shekhar became a professional actor later. He acted in the lead role in 'Jaganmohini', a Kannada film. He acted in many films with actress Harini. He ran out of offers after some time mainly because of his easy going nature. Bitten by acting bug, he could not sever ties with the film industry. He later joined Gubbi drama Company where he worked as manager for sometime.

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