My Childhood

27TH April 1937 I was Born to Jarappa Poojary and Chennamma couple in a rented house in Boloor near Bokkapatna school. My father's first wife had expired and he married my mother who gave birth to 7 children. Eight siblings including My elder brother (from earlier wedlock) lived together in a rented two-room house in… Read More  

Lessons from Chowti (Gowri-Ganesha) Festival

Despite poverty, we used to celebrate Chowti (Gowri Ganesha Festival) in our house. Our entire chawl used to be in a festive mood. All houses would bring sugarcane for the festival. But we never had sugarcane in our house because we did not have money to buy. Come Chowti and we would crave for the… Read More  

Alumni Association

My association with Bokkapatna School paved the way for my public speaking skills. Even after leaving the school for higher studies, I was active in the school as the President of the Alumni Association. I used to take lead in each and every event organised by the association. I used to make welcome speech and… Read More  

Farmers Family

Both my parents come from farmer's family. My father had inherited some land from his ancestors. One property was at Nantoor near Maroli and another at Marakadabail. This property was under dispute as somebody had claimed ownership of this land. My father spent a lot of money to save the ancestral property. He borrowed money… Read More  

Brilliant Father

My father was very intelligent though he had not even passed 1st Std. I am no match for my father despite completing a law degree. He was fluent in Kannada and his literary command over Kannada made him a pundit of pundits. Those days, Dogra Poojary family members used to organise Yakshagana plays. They had… Read More  

Rs. 25 Loan

After completing Class 7, I thought of joining Canara High School in Urva. But I did not have money for fees. They used to collect Rs 25 in fees. They had a Scholarship test which was conducted after admission to the class 7. Under this test, one student who topped the test would be given… Read More  

Life in BOMBAY

I started preparation to go to Bombay(Now, Mumbai). My classmates Gopalakrishna Bhat and Robert Monteiro were also with me. One of my father's relative had settled in Bombay. He had purchased a house in a housing colony in Bandra. But he was staying in Dadar. His new house at Bandra was vacant. All three of… Read More  

The Mysterious girl

From my home, I used to travel by train. From the nearby railway station, I had to walk 5 kilometers everyday to reach college. There was a short-cut pathway created by people and college students. In between, we were needed to cross a railway track. Unlike in Mangaluru, in Mumbai trains pass regularly over the… Read More  

Ready for hotel work

After a few days of reaching Bombay, the pickle I had brought from Mangalore was over. There was a Christian family near my house. Despite refusing, they gave me pickles. I used to live only on Rice and those pickles.Meanwhile, I had gone to hotel in Dadar seeking a job. The owner asked me to… Read More  


One of my Bokkapatna friends, Prabhakar was in Bombay. He had come to Bombay before me. We used to meet on Sundays. He used to stay in Ghatkopar. One Sunday, when I met him, he told me that his house was burgled and he had lost gold jewellery. I asked him to register a complaint… Read More  

Semita murder case

I used to shuttle between Bantwal, Belthangady, Mangaluru and Karkala to attend court cases. I used to meet Veerappa Moily in Karkala who was practising as Junior with Ellyanna Poojary. I was busy and I also used to give some of my cases to Moily. I had become very popular within a short span of… Read More  

Humanitarian Incident

While I was practising at Bhavanti Street, I had a strange client. He was very strongly built and used to go berserk after consuming alcohol. He used to pester people, throw items from shops on to the road and tease women especially pregnants.It was a Sunday evening and I was working in my office. He… Read More  

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