When i met Rajkumar

After we came to know each other, Kannada superstar Rajkumar was in touch with me. His wife Parvathamma also knew me well. When Indira Gandhi was shot dead, her body was kept in Delhi for people to pay their last respects. Violence had broken out in many parts of the country including Delhi. Prohibitory orders… Read More  

I can't sign closing my eyes

Just two days after I took over as Minister, a file related to promotion of an Officer belonging to Scheduled Caste, came to my table. He was being harassed by denying him promotion. In his Service file, it was written that his performance was satisfactory but the promotion should be given to a General category… Read More  

My attack on Soviet union Officials

One day Indira Gandhi summoned me to her residence. "I am sending P Shivashankar, H K L Bhagat and you in a Delegation to Soviet Union. You have to study the Parliamentary system and organizational structure there,'' she said.Later she called me to her Chamber and said, "Poojary ji you should do one more thing… Read More  

Pulling Legs

Those in Politics keep pulling each other's legs. It is very common. I was in-charge of Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee. Mr Arjun Singh was the Chief Minister then. Relations were not cordial between Mr Madhav Rao Scindia and Mr Arjun Singh. They used to pull each other's leg quite often. One day, all the three… Read More  

Benefits of Emergency

I was a popular Lawyer in Mangaluru during Emergency (1975-77). People were angry with Indira Gandhi for imposing Emergency. There were protests, riots, violence in many parts of the country against Emergency. But, I believe Emergency has done some good to the country. Indira Gandhi had formulated good Schemes for the development of the country… Read More  

Discussion on development on Foreign Lands

I was heading the Indian delegation to a Conference of Finance Ministers of all Nations organised in Mauritius. I was suffering from cold and I had taken a tablet. Due to the drowsiness induced by the tablet, I was not in a position to realize where I was. I took rest for some time and… Read More  

Smallness of big Leaders

Once, Uttar Pradesh Minister Kalpanath Rai had gone abroad. He had pinched bottom of a lady in a lift there. It became a big controversy. After that he was not sent to any country. We should behave very carefully abroad. We should keep it in mind that we are representing India. It is our responsibility… Read More  

Indira for Congress

I won the 1977 election with a huge margin by seeking votes in Indira Gandhi's name. Congress is winning even now because of the good work she has done. That is why she became Amma (mother) to lakhs of poor and the downtrodden. She never discriminated against anyone on the lines of caste or religion.When… Read More  

I should have listened to this

After deserting Indira, Devaraj Urs lost the Chief Minister's post after the 1980 Lok Sabha elections. All those leaders, whom he had supported, had joined hands with R Gundu Rao. His detractors did not even allow him to continue as Opposition leader for long. At the same time he was suffering from Herpes. He had… Read More  

Able Leadership

Rajiv Gandhi implemented several programmes-all aimed at taking India to modern times. Indira took India to Space. Through Green Revolution, she made India self sufficient for it's food needs. When British left India, India was not producing enough food to feed its population. India used to import rice and wheat. Congress leadership through its far-sighted… Read More  

Unforgettable Tragedy

The 2010 plane accident at Mangaluru airport was an unforgettable human tragedy which I had closely seen in my life. The flight, which landed from Dubai at 6.30am on May 22, overshot the runway and scrambled down the mountain range. The plane broke in to two pieces. As many as 158 people were burnt alive…. Read More  

It's my Life

When we were children, Muslims, Christians and Hindus were our neighbours. All of us were poor. I have grown up with them. We didn't have proper clothes to wear or fulfil their basic needs. Despite this, people used to help each other. We were all like a family. A function in 1 family meant that… Read More  

Refused allottment of Prime site

"All leaders own a house in Bengaluru. Why you have not taken a house here? Given your connections, getting a site shouldn't be a problem," a journalist asked me once."I always believed that we should be role models as representatives of people. I had purchased a site with a house when I was practicing as… Read More  

Green cover on barren Land

I have land in my wife's name in B C Road. I had purchased it when I was practising Law. That time it was a barren land. My mother, my sisters (unmarried then) and all family members worked hard to convert this in to a fertile land full of greenery. We used to grow paddy,… Read More  


Having belief in our parents, our friends and our society is very important. There is nothing in this life without belief. Husband and wife should believe each other. Similarly, parents should believe their children and children should believe their parents. Most importantly, we should have faith in God. We should believe God. This is the… Read More  

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