We started mid-day meal for students and devotees of the Temple. Around 1,500 devotees and 600-700 students are being fed in the Temple everyday. We believe that students should not go to bed without having food.

People attach a lot of emotional value to solemnising marriages in a temple. A very rich industrialist of Mangaluru Cement Baliga's daughter's wedding was held in one of the Marriage Halls in the Temple premises. Baliga was very happy to have his daughter's marriage in the presence of Nava Durgeyaru. "My life is complete now. My daughter got married in the presence of Nava Durgeyaru," he had said after the marriage.

We announced a new Scheme a year ago. We decided to collect Rs 25,000 from one family and perform special puja in the name of members of the family once in a year. Around 160 people have registered under the Scheme. I really believe that this Scheme has helped and will help many families remember their ancestors. The Temple Administration will send an invitation to the family of those who have registered for this scheme. So their grand children and great grand children will remember their forefather's names.

Names of all members of my family have been inscribed on the walls of the Gowri Mantapa. There is a reason. As the number of devotees visiting the Temple was on the rise, the Temple Administration felt the need for a parking space. A decision was taken to build a Gowri Mantapa. We announced that whoever donates Rs 7.5 lakh for building the Mantapa, their name will be inscribed on the walls of the Temple. We gave one month time. Nobody came forward. Then we gave one more month. The result was same. Then I told my elder son, Santhosh Kumar to donate for Gowri Mantapa and he readily obliged. My elder son also helped in building Sai Mandir in the temple.

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