Indira's Beloved daughter-in-law

Sonia Gandhi is a very responsible and caring lady. She developed a very deep bonding with the family members. Indira was very fond of Sonia. But Indira Gandhi's second daughter-in-law Maneka could never get along with her mother-in-law.

Indira Gandhi used to share her problems including family matters with me.

I never prodded her on family matters. It was she who used to share such matters. I think she needed to vent out her feelings and she considered me to be a close confidant. "My elder daughter-in-law, though born and brought up in another country, has adjusted very well to India's culture. She understands our family very well and it seems as if she is born to this family". I recall Indira Gandhi saying about Sonia Gandhi.

How well she has adapted and adopted Indian culture is not only reflected from her attire but also in the dignified manner in which she speaks. Her speech is calibrated and she weighs her words carefully before speaking.

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