Children build their Careers

My first son Santosh Kumar completed his graduation. Later he did M.Com on his own. He also got a higher Degree in Economics, and Insurance. He did a course in Computers. Though he has completed LLB, he did not practise Law.

Today he is amongst a handful of people who draw highest salaries in the entire coastal region. He is a pillar of support for our family. Another son Deepak Poojary is working as Project Engineer at Kudremukh Iron Ore Company. I did not use my influence to get my children good education or job. I have helped childrens of many others in getting jobs but I never went to anybody asking for jobs for my sons. I am lucky to have such good children. My daughter is happily married.

What can I say about my wife? Words fail to describe the sacrifices she has made for the family. She has played an important role in shaping my children's personalities. I had no time to take care of my children. I was fully involved in Politics. I firmly believe that politicians should not misuse their Offices for the benefit of their kith and kin. I have been following it religiously. I could not do anything for my family. I could not buy any property for them after I got into Politics. Instead I lost my hard earned money. Whatever property I have is what I had bought when I was a lawyer. Nothing else. But my children are well-off.

My children respect me a lot. They respect my words. It doesn't mean that I am controlling them. They are living a life that is model for others. When I asked my elder son to construct the Sai Baba Temple at Kudroli Kshetra, he did it without uttering a word. He also built Gowri Mantapa. My children are God's blessings to me.

My wife's family is very big. They have property in Madantyar. We have not taken anything from them. Not even mangoes and tender coconuts grown in their farm. Even she is not allowed to bring anything from her maternal house. 'Give but don't take' is my principle. For some it may sound too much, but being in public life I wanted to be a role model. I have made it a habit. Some people may say I am mad. Sometimes I also feel that I am doing something wrong. When I look back, I feel that my reaction was too eccentric in some incidents.

I have not taken my family on a leisure trip till date. This is also one of my major mistakes. Who doesn't want to travel and see new places? I have to appreciate my wife as she never pestered me to take her and children on a tour. Now, she goes with children wherever she wants to go.

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