Dont' do any harm

Congress party and Indira Gandhi family recognised me and gave me important positions in politics. They believed me and reposed complete trust in me. I was not their relative. My hardwork and efforts too played significant role in my success. When I invited Rajiv Gandhi to inaugurate Loan Mela programme at Ram Leela Maidan in Delhi, he went and told Indira Gandhi, "Poojaryji is doing a great job. All Ministers should work like him".

Dedication to the task is like Meditation a single minded dedication to achieve targeted goals. Nothing can stop a dedicated man willing to work hard from achieving his goals. We should do something good for the society. If not, we should at least take care that no harm should be done to the society because of us. This is the lesson I learnt in my life. And I am following it.

Yes. Many people criticize me and I agree to their criticism. "He is a fool. He was a minister in Finance Ministry and did not make money. People at much lower levels have acquired property worth hundreds and thousands of crores, have large business empires, enjoy their life and have made enough to last for 7 generations. Poojary did not do anything. Despite being so powerful (sitting next to the PM), his achievements are of no use and it's a pure waste. He is not fit to be in politics. He is Mad". I don't consider acquiring money or property as barometers of a person's success. These are not permanent. There are many intangible aspects to a man's life which will last past a person's lifetime. It is important to live a life as a role model to others. Earlier, I mentioned about how Lal Bahadur Shastri was a role model for an entire generation. That is a successful life. People in present day politics should understand this. I often say that 'We (politicians) live in glass houses. Crores of People are watching us and hearing us. One small mistake and it will take years to set it right. People will remember you even after your death. I am happy that after my death, people will say, "He was unlike other politicians". It is very difficult to reach to such a stage. One will come across several temptations but one should not succumb to them. I did not accept a glass of water from anybody. I have not accepted flower bouquets or garlands. Times have changed but Poojary has not and will not. There is no point in living a life by compromising one's value system.

I was lawyer by profession and my entry to politics was unexpected. I always considered it an opportunity to serve my country. I entered Lok Sabha for the first time in 1977. I became the member of the Coffee Board. I was part of the Consultative Committee of the Civil Aviation Ministry. I was member of the Estimates Committee of the Lok Sabha and 'papers laid on the Table' Committee.

When I was member of various Standing Committees, my aim was always to help people. My priority was to ensure that all the proposals pertaining to Karnataka and my district Dakshina Kannada are realized at the earliest.

I worked as member of various committees under finance, industries, minor industries, transport, tourism, railway and culture ministries.

Stock Exchanges in Mangaluru, Bengaluru and Mysuru became reality because of my efforts.

I was successful in bringing KIOCL and Currency Printing unit to Karnataka much before I was made Minister of State for Finance.

During the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the Dakshina Kannada District Congress Committee had prepared a list of development works the district has seen during my tenure as Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha member.

I feel satisfied after seeing my effort in realising projects like: Setting up of Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited, extension of New Mangalore Port and Mangaluru International Airport, setting up of sponge iron unit, thermal power plant, construction of Mangaluru-Bengaluru four-lane highway,Kanyakumari- Mumbai four-lane highway.

Konkan Railway project was implemented with the participation of the Karnataka Government. The seeds to this project were sown before 1990. Madhu Dandavate was the Railway Minister then. He accorded his approval once he was convinced about the need for connecting Mumbai with the coastal areas in Mangaluru. It was decided to start the work from Roha in Maharashtra and Udupi in Karnataka simultaneously. Even the date for starting the work from Karnataka end was also fixed and it was decided to invite Rajiv Gandhi to lay the foundation at Udupi. But because elections were announced and code of conduct came in to force, the work did not begin. Congress did not get majority in that election. So George Fernandes got the opportunity to continue Konkan Railway project.

The four-laning of B C Road Surathkal highway in Dakshina Kannada and Sea Bird project in Uttara Kannada were realised during my tenure as Lok Sabha member.

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