Farmers Family

Both my parents come from farmer's family. My father had inherited some land from his ancestors. One property was at Nantoor near Maroli and another at Marakadabail. This property was under dispute as somebody had claimed ownership of this land. My father spent a lot of money to save the ancestral property. He borrowed money from my mother's family. My grandmother had given some money to my father to purchase the house where we were living in Bokkapatna. My father spent that money too on the court case. Otherwise, we would have owned 2-3 acres of land in Bokkapatna. The case went to the Madras court and after a prolonged struggle, my father won the case. However, by then, we had become paupers. I was a school going child then.

Several years after this incident, my father expired. I had just become an advocate. Few members of the family of Dogra Poojary visited me. Dogra Poojary was from my father's family. He ran a hotel in Sultan Battheri. Later they shifted to Nantoor. His son, Vishukumar had earned a name for himself as a film director and lyricist. The members of Dogra Poojary family informed me that my father had saved the ancestors property and so they offered to give me 45 cents from the land adjoining the road in Nantoor. I said, "I don't want any land. My father has given me good education and made us good human beings. This is the biggest asset for us. Your family is not well off and you keep the land". The land is now worth a few crores of rupees.

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