Humanitarian Incident

While I was practising at Bhavanti Street, I had a strange client. He was very strongly built and used to go berserk after consuming alcohol. He used to pester people, throw items from shops on to the road and tease women especially pregnants.

It was a Sunday evening and I was working in my office. He came to my office poked his face from the window, making strange faces. I had heard about his rude behaviour with women. On seeing his antics, I became angry and picked a stick and came out of the office. He started running and even as I chased him, he ran away. After sometime, he again came to my office and poked his face in. I had just picked up the stick, when he fell at my feet. I called the police who took him in to custody.

Next day, when I was in Court, police had brought him to present him before the judge. Though he was my client, I had got him arrested. Another lawyer represented him. After seeing me in the Court Hall, he rushed towards me and started crying loudly.

After some days, he died unexpectedly. I felt very bad for him. One day, his wife along with her children came to my office and informed that the family was in dire straits as he had not left a penny for the family. I was deeply moved and after seeing her plight, I assured to give some amounts to her to run the household. She used to come to the office to collect money. I kept up my promise.

As the Swamiji had predicted, I had become a popular and successful lawyer. I had offices at B C Road near Bantwal and the Market Road in Mangaluru. Later, Indira Gandhi offered me a ticket to contest elections and I entered parliament at the age of 38.

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