Koti Chennayya Memorial

Koti and Chennayya were the twin warriors of Billava Community who lived in the 16th century. Sons of Deyi Baiditi, they fought many wars. They were very popular among the people due to their helping nature. 'We protect those who believe us. We ensure victory of truth' was their assurance to people and they walked their talk. This is the reason why people of Mangaluru have given them the stature of God. Their life story is explained in songs by village folk. Several Garodis, where wrestlers practice, have been functioning in the District in their names.

The brothers were born in Padumale and died in Enmuru in Sullia while fighting for people's cause. Their tombs are still there in Enmuru.

Archeological Department has discovered several monuments pertaining to Koti and Chennayya in the surroundings of Padumale, Panja and Enmuru. But there was no road connectivity for their tomb at Enmuru because of a stream. I built a bridge across the stream and a road to the tomb. Then onwards, the number of people visiting the tomb has increased many fold and the place has turned into a tourist attraction.

There are around 267 Garodis in Tulu Nadu and all of them worship the twin brothers. Though they are Billavas, most of the Garodis are still under the management of Jains and Bunts. Billavas maintain only a handful of Garodis.

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