Lesson of gratitude to those who have forgotten

Rajiv's body was kept at his Delhi residence. Congress Working Committee met to elect the President of the party. I was in charge of the Committee and Arjun Singh, Sitaram Kesari, P V Narasimha Rao, H K L Bhagat were present. Bhagat proposed P V Narasimha Rao's name for Party President. Suddenly I said 'Stop it'. Everyone was stunned. "Have you consulted Sonia Gandhi about this," I asked. 'No', someone replied. "Why? We could have discussed this with her. How can we forget the family so quickly? Her house is just a lane away from here. It is not right on our part to take decision without informing the family". I said. "It is not like that Poojary ji. We have already taken a decision," someone said. "I have no objection to taking a decision. All that I am asking is take Sonia's opinion as well before arriving at a decision," I said firmly. "Poojary ji, don't come in between the decision of the committee I beg of you," said Sitaram Kesari.

Finally, the committee chose P V Narasimha Rao as AICC President. After the meeting, Political Secretary to the Congress party President, Jitendra Prasada took me aside. We are very close friends. "Have you gone mad? Can't you sit quiet in the meeting? They can finish off your political career," he said. "I have told the truth. Power is not everlasting. I will not die even if I am not in power. I don't care if somebody tries to harm me. I will sit quiet in the house. Keep it in your mind," I told Prasada.

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