Life in BOMBAY

I started preparation to go to Bombay(Now, Mumbai). My classmates Gopalakrishna Bhat and Robert Monteiro were also with me. One of my father's relative had settled in Bombay. He had purchased a house in a housing colony in Bandra. But he was staying in Dadar. His new house at Bandra was vacant. All three of us started off to Bombay in a train. I had just Rs. 19 with me. When we reached Bombay, there was heavy rain. Most of the roads were inundated. We were told that the city had received a record rainfall on that day highest since 112 years. When we reached there, it was midnight. We stayed in a small hotel near the station and went to Bandra, the next day. The entire Bandra area was flooded and we had to wade through the waters carrying our luggage on our heads.

From Bandra, our journey in Bombay began. We used to prepare Ganji (soup made of rice) every day and eat it with pickles (No vegetables). We got admission into The New Law College in Matunga. I had to work to lead a life in Bombay as my parents were in no position to send money for my expenses. I searched for a job in many places but could not get one.

In the meantime, Gopalakrishna fell sick and he returned to Mangaluru. We were only two now. Robert also could not continue his education and he also returned to Mangaluru after some days. So I was alone now. I used to go to the college between 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. I had a pass to travel in local trains. From College, I used to go to Fountain Area for work. Around exam times, I would leave the job and take up a new job after exams. This continued every 3 months or so. I worked in Accounts Sections of State Bank of India and Municipal Corporation. My ultimate goal was to write the IAS exam. In between, I also joined Lakshmi College to learn Cost Accountancy. Classes used to be held from 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. As Saturday was half-day, I used to go to Gunavant Shah to learn auditing on Saturday afternoons. Thus, day consisted of law college, work, cost accountancy, auditing I did not waste even a minute when I was in Bombay.

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