Manmohan Singh

Dr Manmohan Singh was Finance Minister in the PV Narasimha Rao Cabinet. He unveiled several measures on globalisation. I was not fully convinced about those. Once, I was with Rao when Manmohan Singh came to meet Rao. "If you listen to this man's idea, Congress will not come to power again," I told Rao on seeing Manmohan Singh. ''Then should we do Loan Mela's again?" Singh retorted sarcastically.

This made me very angry as the Loan Mela had laid the foundation for financial empowerment of the poor. "Mr Singh, don't forget that Congress has come to power because of the loan Mela programme. Party may have been finished if that programme was not there. Please keep that it in mind,"' I said. Rao pacified me.

It is the Brahmin Nehru family that spotted my talent first. It made me what I am today. I know there are poor among Brahmins and I strongly believe in providing reservation to them. I have told this in Parliament. There is no upper caste or lower caste. It is all created by humans. All are children of God. So the poor should get fair chance in life.

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