My family

I got married to Malathi on January 21, 1968. Before that, many marriage proposals had come, but I was not interested. Malathi is the only girl whom I had gone to see for marriage proposal. Myself and my friend Jayakar, who was manager in a shoe company, had gone to Malathi's house to see her. Her father Sanjiv Poojary was from Karanduru family in Belthangady. I explained everything about me to him. "I don't have any bad habits. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I don't even drink tea and coffee. I like your daughter," I told him.

I also told him that I will not take dowry and I will bear all expense of the marriage. He agreed. My marriage took place at the old Koragappa Memorial Hall at Gokarnanatha Temple in 'Godhuli' muhurtam.

Before marriage, I was practising law and I had a rickshaw. I had given it on rent to repay the loan I had taken to purchase the rickshaw. I had given a car on rent after my marriage. Later I sold that car and bought a new one for own use.

We have four children three sons and a daughter. From their school days itself, I used to tell them about the importance of values in life and how it will help them in becoming good human beings. Even after becoming Minister, I used to advise them about the same. "I will give you full freedom. You choose whichever career you want. I will not interfere in your lives. But you should become good citizens and that is very important for me," I used to tell them.

Malathi took good care of my children as I used to be away from home most of the days. I hardly used to be at home after I became Minister. My practice as a lawyer was very good. To make my children aware of the difficulties poor people face, I enrolled them in a Government school in Bokkapatna where I studied. At that point of time, sending my children to an English medium school was not a big deal as my financial condition was pretty good. After Bokkapatna school, I got admission for my two children in Canara School. By that time, I had become Minister. Later, I shifted my family to Delhi. There too, I saw to it that my children went to Kannada medium schools. I made them walk or travel in state transport bus to schools.

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