My Secretaries

After I took oath as Finance Minister, four people got appointed as my Secretaries. When I was Lok Sabha member, I used to go to the Parliament library and one official by name Kukreja used to help in locating the books. D K Sharma who also worked in the library, used to help in finding newspaper reports. When I checked their background, I found both of them to be honest and dedicated. So I appointed Kukreja as my Secretary and Sharma as my Personal Assistant. I also appointed senior officers of Income Tax Department Shekhar Reddy and Narasimhappa as my Secretaries. Like Kukreja, these two were also honest and had no taint in their careers.

Since I considered my Lok Sabha membership and the subsequent elevation as Minister as an opportunity to serve people, I used to work round the clock without taking any leave. My office used to open on Sundays and holidays too.

I used to tour a lot to implement my pet Loan Mela Scheme and one of my four Secretaries used to be with me always. Their honesty, dedication and services has lessened my burden to a great extent. I am thankful to them for their good work.

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