My son's got back an peaceful happy life.

My youngest son got married to a girl called Likhita. Her father had passed away. Her mother was a teacher. The couple went to Hong Kong for Honeymoon. While flying back to India, she suffered an epileptic attack. My son was shell shocked." I don't want to live with her. I will divorce her," he told me immediately after coming home. Later he went missing. In the letter he had left behind, he had written that all his insurance money should be given to his wife. "Don't search for me. I will not be alive," he had written. We searched for him at places where he used to visit frequently. He was nowhere to be seen. Later I informed Police. Police also searched for him but in vain. My wife was very upset and she was pestering me to bring back her son who she was very fond of.

A few days later he called me from Chennai. My elder son and his father-in-law went there and brought him back. I took him to the grave of my mother as he was hell bent on seeking divorce from his wife. I told him what if you had suffered with some disease? What if she had deserted him? Think over it. It is easy to leave your wife but one's greatness lies in being happy with whatever we get and move on in life. "We will arrange for good treatment. Let us see what happens. There is God to take care of us," I told him. "My life, my future has been spoiled. I want to die. I want to commit suicide," he started crying. Before we came here, he had tried to ram his car into a wall. He informed me. He was very disturbed.

"Everybody will have problems. Even Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara faced problems. So don't worry. You should become a role model to Society. I know it is very difficult for you. But you have to accept it and lead life with your wife. What if same thing had happened to your sister, your mother or to me? You all will desert me? Have faith in God and accept her. Let us not spoil her life. We will all be with you," I said.

From there I went to my daughter-in-law's house. "Why did you not tell about the disease before marriage," I asked her mother. She had no reply.

With God's grace, she responded well to the treatment and she is now completely cured. They have a child also. This is why I keep saying God will protect those who believe him. Some people may argue that there is no God, but he exists. We should have faith in him. My younger son and his wife go to temple everyday.

When all of this was happening, we did not utter a word to my younger daughter-in-law. My wife is very fond of her. She is also very good. My elder daughter-in-law is also very good. My son Santosh is very lucky to have such a well mannered wife. I am very happy and content as far as my personal life is concerned. Whose blessing is this? Many people ask me what did I get after helping thousands of poor through Loan Mela. "I have got a peaceful life," I tell them in reply.

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