Ready for hotel work

After a few days of reaching Bombay, the pickle I had brought from Mangalore was over. There was a Christian family near my house. Despite refusing, they gave me pickles. I used to live only on Rice and those pickles.

Meanwhile, I had gone to hotel in Dadar seeking a job. The owner asked me to come next day. When I returned home, I had got a letter from SBI offering me a job. After I got a job in State Bank of India, I shifted to Matunga hostel of the college. Otherwise, I would have worked in the hotel. If you are determined to achieve a goal, have a strong desire and willing to work hard, everything falls in place. This became true in my case. I used to study while travelling in local trains. I focused only on study and work as long as I was in Bombay and nothing else. I did not even watch a single movie. Only after completing my law degree, I watched one movie. I completed my education with a single minded focus. I was determined to earn a name for myself. I did not even look at any girl in those days. That was the determination level

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