One of my Bokkapatna friends, Prabhakar was in Bombay. He had come to Bombay before me. We used to meet on Sundays. He used to stay in Ghatkopar. One Sunday, when I met him, he told me that his house was burgled and he had lost gold jewellery. I asked him to register a complaint with police. He said he had already filed one. When we met next Sunday, no progress was made in the case. But after 15 days, Prabhakar told me that he had got his jewellery back. "How did you get back the jewellery? ", I asked. He said a Swamiji helped him get back his jewellery. "He is a very famous Swamiji. Many politicians come to him seeking help. When I went to him, swamiji asked if I have lost jewellery and informed me to go to a particular house to find my jewellery. When I went there, the owner of the house voluntarily gave my jewellery back" Prabhakar said. "You want to me to believe this?" I asked him. "I know you do not believe this. Let's go to the swamiji", He said.

So, another Sunday, we reached Swamiji's temple at 5:00 a.m. in Borivli. People had already gathered at the temple. We stood in a queue and our turn came at 12noon. Swamiji was very simple. He did not accept anything from people. He did not charge anything for the advice or suggestions he gave to people. "You have come here to test me?" Swamiji asked. "No," I said in Kannada. Swamiji was from Hubballi. "Show me your hand", he asked. "I will not show my hand to you", I said. "Sit down", he said. He saw my face for sometime and started scribbling on a piece of paper. "You will complete your education soon and you will pass the Bar Council exam within two months. Your father will expire on this date. You will become a Minister and a very big man"

After coming out of the temple, I told Prabhakar "This Swamiji seems to be crazy. How can I become minister when I am not in politics. Do you think what he said will come true?"

I had just passed my law degree when I had met Swamiji. Soon, I got a call for interview from Tata Fyson company. The salary on offer was Rs 2,000. It was a dream job. I was getting just Rs 94 from my State Bank job. I got selected as I did extremely well in the interview. They asked me to join duties the very next day. I went to the office at 9 a.m. on the next day. I was very happy about getting this job. But my joy was short-lived as a person in the office told me that a Parsi woman was given the job for which I was selected. Tatas were also Parsis. That time I realized how community-caste calculations work. I had gone with great hopes and I was very disappointed.

A few days later, I got a telegram from my house. My father was not well and his condition was serious. I rushed to Mangaluru. My father was fighting for life. My father died on the date predicted by Swamiji. My father had suffered a paralytic stroke. We took very good care of him. There was competition between siblings on who should provide care to our father who was immobile. Nature later ensured that we were rewarded for our good deeds.

I joined as a Junior to Advocate Mahabala. He used to work with A P Shankar Alva. The office was near Taj Mahal Hotel in Mangaluru. "I don't want salary, but give me cases to argue", I told Mahabala. "Then what will you do for your living?" he asked. I told him that somehow I will manage. Anand Shetty, a friend of Mahabala was very happy with my request. A few days after I joined as apprentice, the dates for Bar Council exam were announced. We had to pass the exam to become practicing Advocates. "I will write the exam", I told Anand Shetty. He tried to dissuade me saying that the exam will be very tough and I may take it after completing one year as apprentice. But I went ahead and wrote the exam. I got SECOND RANK in the entire State of Karnataka.

Now I realized what Swamiji had said was true. I cleared the Bar Council exams within two months of meeting him.

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