This boy cannot Betray me

After assuming power, Indira Gandhi used to seek my opinion whenever any important issue came up. One day as we were discussing on some issues, Sanjay Gandhi walked past us. 'Where are you going?' she asked 'Some people from Amethi have come. I am going to meet them' Sanjay replied. Indira Gandhi kept looking at her watch as Sanjay did not return for quite a long time. When he returned, she asked him 'Why so late? What was the matter?" 'They had come to discuss about a communal clash. So it became late,' he replied.

Then Indira called him to introduce me. 'You know who this gentleman is?'

'No, Mummy' he said.

"Look, He is Janardan Poojary. Very trustworthy and very committed to the Congress. You can betray me, Rajiv can betray me. But this boy can't," Indira told emphatically. Sanjay greeted me before taking leave.

Her children, both Sanjay and Rajiv never used to sit before her. They had a lot of respect for her.

When I was MP, I had the habit of visiting Parliament library. Now a separate building has been built for the library. But, then, we had to pass through the Central Hall to go to the library. One day I was going to the library, suddenly Sanjay, who was surrounded by MPs, called me. As I went near him, he asked other MPs; 'Do you know who he is?' "No," they said in unison. "He is Mr Janardan Poojary. He fought against Devaraj Urs. Today, if we are in power, it is because of Poojary ji," he said.

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