You will Repent

Politics is a whirlwind of secrets and the fact that it is great thing that I have survived till now. Delhi politics is more complex than that of Karnataka politics.

It was me who made Veerappa Moily the Opposition leader. That was in 1983. People of the State had supported Indira Gandhi even during the Emergency. The Party had won 149 seats in the 1978 Assembly elections. In Lok Sabha elections, the Party has swept 27 out of 28 seats. Devaraj Urs who deserted Indira Gandhi, faced humiliating defeat in the 1980 Lok Sabha polls. His party could not win even a single seat.

R Gundu Rao, who had become Chief Minister with the support of Indira Gandhi, failed to rise upto the expectations and there was wide spread resentment over his administration. As a result, Congress for the first time, lost the elections in Karnataka. It had won just 82 seats.

Then I requested Indira Gandhi to make Veerappa Moily, the Opposition leader and she obliged. She once told me, "Poojary ji don't trust Veerappa Moily. You are very innocent and you believe people very easily. Moily is not what he appears. One day you will repent your decision" But I believed him and ensured that he continued in the Post till 1985 elections in which Party's performance further dipped. It won just 65 seats.

Once, Indira Gandhi had taken Moily to task over some issue. He came to my house with tears in his eyes. I dont want to continue in politics. Indira Gandhi scolded me today, he said.

"Don't worry. I will talk to Indira Gandhi," I told him and went straight to Indira Gandhi's house. "Moily has sacrificed a lot for the party. He has even hypothecated his wife's Mangalasutra," I said. In reply, Indira just smiled. "It's okay, you go now," she said.

It's a big history. Sonia Gandhi entered Politics in 1997 owing to the pressure from the Party workers. She didn't know much about Politics then. But within no time, she understood the nuances of the Politics and started strengthening the Party. Within six years, she managed to bring Congress back to power with the help of Allies.

She did not aspire for power even though it had knocked on her door. She did not yield to the pressure from the Congress leaders and its allies. She made Dr Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister. She is a great leader like her mother-in-law, Indira Gandhi.

Several decisions taken by Sonia as AICC President and Chairperson of UPA have changed the course of India's growth story. Her contribution in reviving Congress in the last two decades is immense.

Rahul Gandhi, who has been elected as AICC President recently, is a member of Parliament since 2004. He believes in spreading love and respect. He looks promising. He has taken the mantle of the Congress Party with a principle to take every section of society along in Nation building.

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